Competency-Based Education and Training (CBT) Series

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₦90,000 - All Modules
₦20,000 - Weekends Only

CBET is an approach to vocational education and training in which skills, knowledge and attitude define, guide and help learners to achieve competence by demonstrating mastery of a single skill for real-world performance

The Competency-Based Education and Training series is a 7 module training that can be complete over 5 days or 5 weekends. Online classes are available.

  • Competency-Based Education (CBE)
  • Principles of Competency-based education
  • Identifying competencies for CBE
  • Aligning (Focusing) Instruction to standards
  • Planning and structuring curriculum for CBE
  • Building quality CBE Curriculum
  • Assessing CBE

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