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Technical Education for Communities (TEC) (Post Sec School)

Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities is the first strategic community program built by Cummins from the ground up.

TEC was launched in 2012 with the mission is to train low-income youth in employable technical skills and connect them to good jobs in their communities through school-based, industry-supported skills training.

Tributary Initiative for Learning is a TEC partner implementing the project in Nigeria

Cummins TEC program is built on 5 element framework

The program has adopted 2 education sites as Education partners since its inception in Nigeria in 2013.

TEC goal is to build a quality talent pipeline for the technical industry.

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Project goal

To improve school to work transition through the attainment of relevant work skills for reduced early employment.

Project objectives

  • Activate 2 Technical Trade Subjects Oregun High school by referencing industry inputs to ensure demand-driven learning.
  • Provide training for 120 students in Automotive and Electrical trade in 6 years in collaboration with the State Ministry.
  • Partner with industries to provide work-based learning opportunities and entrepreneurship workshops to connect students to employment opportunities.
  • Provide a conducive lab environment with adequate tools and equipment to facilitate hands-on learning to match industries trend and technological solutions

Technical Trade Education for Secondary Schools (TESS)

 Youth unemployment is higher than for older workers. The 15 to 24 age group had unemployment of 41%. Nigeria has one of the largest youth cohorts globally, with over 35% of its population falling within 15 to 34.

With unemployment highest among this demography, the risks of social vices, depression and apathy are exceptionally high.-NBS

The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the drop out rate in public secondary schools, especially in low-income families, already struggling financially pre-pandemic.

The increased value proposition of education helps low-income families make an informed decision and prioritised education as a return on time invested in school rather than hawking on the streets and subscribing to crimes

Trade Education for secondary schools (TESS) project is the activation of Technical trade subjects in public secondary schools to reduce early youth unemployment and aid school to work transition.

The TESS approach is to rapidly reduce the number of young persons joining the early unemployment statistics in Nigeria, significantly, young persons from disadvantaged communities.

An early introduction to vocational education as stand-alone or accompanied by formal education increases chances for productive employment.

The project plans reduce poverty in Nigeria by introducing persons between 16- 21 to vocational skills while in secondary school to curb early youth unemployment.                                                             

The projects seek to build a pipeline of a young skilled workforce of the Nigeria youth who will, at an early age, be equipped with vocational skills to earn productive labour to support their families and communities.


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Tributary Initiative for Learning (TRIL)], in collaboration with EON Reality-  the world leader in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) based knowledge transfer for industry and education- are on the quest to provide XR technologies based on the EON-XR platform, to address the needs of faculty and students through :

  • development and dissemination of pedagogical training to strengthen digital teaching expertise
  • providing resources, materials and training designed for blended and online learning,
  • providing resources and materials designed for experiential learning and
  • providing professional development opportunities for students and teachers.

The EON-XR platform is a virtual centre hosted and owned by the Tributary Initiative for Learning to develop and share learning applications in XR for the academic community. Students and faculty can develop their own customised AR/VR based training and education materials on the proprietary EON-XR Platform.

The latest XR technologies will increase access to the classroom and achieve a higher learning achievement level.

For more information on the project, kindly send an email to

StemIntegrate is an integrative stem education that intentionally combines math and science concepts with technology and engi- neering skills to solve problems.

We engage students in creating authentic solutions to problems within their immediate environment and developing communication and collaboration skills. At the same time, we sustain their interest in STEM disciplines.
Each activity in our project provides learners with the opportunity to explore
real-world problems, reflect on
problem-solving process, develop design solutions, and solve problems in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

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