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“Our Vision is to achieve productive employment and decent work for skilled young persons in Africa through TVET.”

Who We Are?

Tributary Initiative for Learning (TRIL) is a social impact organisation that works with TVET institutions and skills development centres to strengthen capacity for quality program delivery and improve trainees’ access to employment and decent work.

Our commitment to foster demand and technologically driven TVET has given us the opportunity to partner with about ten higher education providers and training institutions across the country, impacting over 2100 beneficiaries and 320 teachers through the various initiatives.

Our Misson

  • Strengthen the capacity of institutions to improve school to work transition.
  • Facilitate stakeholders collaboration to promote Demand-led TVET.
  • Facilitate adoption of Technology-enhanced TVET delivery to improve access and inclusion.

Our Goals

  • To ensure that 2 million youth are gainfully employed in Africa by 2030.
  • To ensure that 300 TVET institutions and centres in Africa are viable and financially sustainability by 2025.

Our Objectives

  • To employ skills, expertise and standards to improve the quality of training and outcomes.
  • To increase access to employment, economic well-being for 2 million African youth.
  • To advocate

Our Tactics

We work through the TVET institutions and centres that we support to achieve our goal for Africa.

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